How much of the proceeds are going towards the featured organization, Black Women’s Health Imperative?

All proceeds! The art pieces have been kindly donated and officers’ own money is currently going towards paper and ink funds.

How can I know for sure that my money is being donated to the featured organization?

After a milestone is reached, BigHeArt drive will post a celebratory image of our donation to the featured organization to facebook.

What kind of prints are being sold?

We are currently printing on high quality paper and using an Epson inkjet printer to ensure prints are lightfast and do not fade.

What happens in the event that a print gets lost in the mail?

If heard from a donator that they have not received a print, we will print and send another.

Who made these art pieces?

These pieces were made and donated by students in NAHS! They were kindly donated for our project. You can see the artist's name by clicking one of the thumbnails.